Silvoor Biological Sanctuary

 The # 1 most beatiful display of spring wildflowers that I have ever seen!  Located just south of Oxford in Peiffer Park on US Route 27

Indian Creek MetroPark

Located in Reiley, this Metropark is noted for its massive blooming of "Shooting Stars" 

Cox Ardoretum

Located near the Dayton Mall, this Five Rivers Metropark isone of the finest kept and accesible wildflower gardens in our area. Visit in early may to see Yellow Lady's Slippers and Jack-in-the-Pulpits

Cincinnati Nature Center

Located in Clemont County, off I-275 CNC is a beautiful area all year round, miles of trails and acres of native wildflowers.  Under atttack by Lesser Celandine, but they are fighting back!

Dudley Woods MetroPark

Located on Hankins Road in liberty Township.  A work in progress, look what's popping up where the honeysuckle has been removed.  Look for Spring Larkspur and Wild Hyacinth

Rentschler Forest MetroPark

Located on Reigart Road, get there early to see a fantastic display of Dutchman"s Breeches.

Bulls Run Arboretum

SR 35  Rest Area

Bukner Nature Center
Bulls Run Arboretum SR 35  Rest Area Bukner Nature Center

Cedar Bog

Wegerzyn Gardens

What Is In Bloom?

Witch Hazel @ Wergerzyn Gargens  3/22/13

Snow Trillium @ Brukner Nature Center 3/22/13

Pepper & Salt   Dudley Woods,  3/20/13       

Wild Ones

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